MUUTOS is Finnish for change and transformation. Change in context of MUUTOS CONSULTING means conscious effort to drive for transformational change in finance organizations.

MUUTOS CONSULTING is a Singapore based corporation and comes with over 20 years of hands on experience in executing large change programs. These changes have transformed finance processes, systems and organizations on a global scale.

Change Management

I bring professional and practical experience into your planning process. I will ensure that all changes, be it systems, process or organization related are properly incorporated into the overall plan.

We’ll work together towards your objectives and assess what needs to change and how it will impact your organization and individuals in it.

We’ll make sure that technical changes are not seen in isolation from potential changes required in processes or organization.

We’ll ensure that end to end process flows make sense after the changes.

We’ll work together preparing communication, training, testing, controls and follow-up procedures, just like the M in my logo forms its shape the further we go . I know how critical it is to continuously monitor the progress of your change program. Recognizing risks, having robust mitigation plans and executing those in a timely manner is in the core of any successful plan.

We’ll engage all relevant parties throughout the execution. I have experience in working well with in-house teams as well as external contributors.

Transitional Leadership

Changes and larger transformation programs do not happen without strong leadership support and active involvement by the entire organization. I would be excited to join your organization as a committed member of your internal leadership team, providing my uncompromised attention to the program. I truly believe that change provides an opportunity to excel and bring your organization and its operations to the next level.

My extensive professional experience brings immediate value to your organization. I’d be happy to coach your organization through the changes by anticipating and understanding the challenges it is facing.

Financial Accounting and
Reporting Processes

I can help you in improving reliability, transparency and efficiency of your financial accounting and reporting. I have strong experience in running accounting and reporting functions in international and multicultural corporate environments.

I can step in and provide professional support in your Mergers and Acquisitions or Divestment activities. I have experience in due diligence, subsequent integration or divestiture of financial accounting data.

I am determined to understand your objectives, your environment and your circumstances to make your change program a success.

My functional core competence is in:

Working with your concept and technical experts in developing an integrated Finance and Logistics solution that most efficiently support compliance with global IFRS as well as with local statutory regulations.

Deploying corporate wide harmonized and standardized accounting and reporting systems, processes and organizations.

Integrating new business, acquired or merged, to your common financial accounting and reporting platform.